Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 27 - Little Jimmy CG

Mileage for today was <15>. This included about 4,000 feet of climbing up to Mt Baden Powell. The trail doesn't actually go to the top but there is a branch trail that takes one to the summit. For myself, I had no desire to add any mileage to my day so I hunkered down between the roots of an ancient tree and tried to eat lunch. I did manage to get something down before my hands began to get stiff from the cold. You got it, big winds up that high. 
Four miles of switchbacks. 
A tad bit of exposure. Especially when the winds were gusting upwards of 50 miles an hour at times. 

The current section we are on will be filled with water management issues as well as the threat of Poodle Dog Bush. We (Tidy Camper and I) have  been through the water report and maps and have somewhat of an idea of were we can get water but some days will mean carrying water for 18 or more miles. We are incredibly lucky the temperature has been moderate (the wind helps with this) which allows us to carry less water than if it were super hot. So we think we have the water thing dialed in. 
Little Jimmy Spring. 

What I haven't yet talked about here, at least I don't think I have done so, is the dreaded Poodle Dog Bush. 

After a big fire, like the Station Fire of 2010, some plants who's seeds have been dormant, germinate then grow quickly after a fire and among other things, help hold the soil together so there is less erosion. Well our friend the PDB is one of those kinds of plants. It's life cycle is about ten years and in that time it can raise havoc with critters who brush against the plant. There are little hairs that get stuck on your clothing or skin and most people have a terrible reaction to it. Blisters, itching, oozing sores are the typical reaction. Sound fun?

Well in the next few days we'll be going into a big section of PDB which has me slightly concerned. But, what the heck! We will just have to cover up and hope for the best. I'll be posting pictures. 

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