Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 24 - Mile 352

We had a leisurely start to the day. First was the continental breakfast which was a really good one. Eggs, sausage and four bowls of cereal (over a couple hour span) and pretty dang good coffee. Then we fiddled around packing for the next two days and finally left the BW at 11, walking back to the trailhead. 

I was happy to be able to leave my phone on today so I was able to get some images of the beautiful flowers I have been having to pass by for the last couple of weeks. For example. 

Walking under Highway 15. Going towards the light... No, don't do it!

Todays hiking day was fairly short, just ten miles. But they were all UP miles and I think they were harder for me today because of yesterday's long slog. While I wasn't particularly sore I was sluggish. But we got here in plenty of time to find a spot to camp and eat with plenty of daylight left. I'm sleeping out tonight - just because I can. 
My view for the night 

What everyone else sees. 


  1. shelly you look so cute! and quite the contrasting colors. g is sacked out on the sofa as we moved my studio today. i think we really are moving!! we miss you and think of you lots! love, j

  2. Beautiful cactus flowers! Hi Shelly!! --julie