Thursday, September 26, 2013

Idaho Falls

Rain rain rain rain snow rain rain sun. That was the weather yesterday. I awoke early and simply put on my clothes, pulled out of my campsite and back onto the road. That's what I did yesterday, drive. 

I kept hoping I'd find a nice area to stop and walk but the first part of the day was in fairly dense woods then open farmland or high desert scrub. I guess I could have just walked along a country road somewhere but that held no appeal. 

At some point in the day I finally called the friend I was planning to visit on Friday and asked if I could come early. Fortunately she said yes and after many long hours driving I arrive at her place in Idaho Falls. The good news is the last couple of hours of the driving day included some beautiful sun/cloud combinations.

The even better news is that N had French Onion Soup and salad waiting for me when I arrived. YUM. 

Oh, and I had breakfast at this place. 
The name was better than the food. 

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