Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August 26th Another day of TM

I spent a few hours at Chinook Pass parking lot today. Within an hour I'd met Anish, who is section hiking Oregon and Washington, having just quit her high tech job in the PNW. As she said, "I needed a change in my life and wanted to look for another place to live." So, she's foot loose and fancy free.

Next came Happy Plate who, with her precise and dainty German eating style, apparently out ate all her hiking buds at Kennedy Meadows a few years back. A linguist, she is moving to Seattle in search of a job when her hike is over.

Next came a series of, what I call, skinny, bearded guys. Gaunt but moving fast, they were planning to hike 34 miles today. Geeze. Not too many hikers can pass up free food and a chance to hang out in a parking lot and the four of these hikers did just that. Sat on the curb, politely eating my snacks whenever I kept offering them. They were happy campers. Eventually they got out their own food to supplement my meager snacks and when I left there at three, they'd been in residence for two hours. After hanging out the guys were still planning a 30 mile day. Youth.

It was really fun to compare notes with them about all the usual trail stuff. I must admit though, I was pleased to be driving back to this cozy cabin tonight. It looks like it could rain.

As I hope they will appear to you we have Rock Stove, Bladder Pillow, Happy Plate, Anish and Medium Speed. Anish hikes in a dress. Wow.

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