Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 25th The Cabin

Sometime in the middle of the night I, in my usual sleepless way, remembered that when one makes an image in material to be printed you gotta produce the image backwards on the master. All that work I did yesterday was for naught because when I printed it out, the image was flipped the wrong way. Not that it has to be right reading but it'll bug me if it's not accurate. Well, hell. No wonder it takes forever to make art... one step forward, one step back. I did print out what I had finished and it looked pretty good, but still... I'll have to try again tomorrow as my eyes are bugging me with such close work.

J is a rock stacker. I'll have to ask her about it but it's clear she is pulled to finding and balancing rocks. Or stones. What's the difference? It doesn't matter but I think stones sound round and rocks sound jagged. In fact Angela and I gave J the nickname of Stone when we were last here. T also got a nickname that visit when she was wearing a white shirt while eating something with berries in it. She announced to the group she "was a stain waiting to happen". Hence the nickname Stain. You gotta watch yourself around this group.

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