Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th Mighty Tieton!

I don't know why I was too tired to write last night but I was. I'll try to make up for it today.

What, you may ask, is Might Tieton? It's a small burg near here that is in transition from a depressed dot on the map to a blossoming artist destination. A couple of men (friends of T and J) from Seattle chanced upon this spot some time ago and saw the potential in the old buildings and small town square. In the last five years they have spearheaded a condo project, developed an old warehouse into a gallery and art workshop with residencies and have brought their book business to town, hiring locals to make the books for the business. In addition they've helped the kids out by initiating the development of a soccer field for the local munchkins. If you are interested in checking it out they can be found at

Does anyone out there know about Sisters on the Fly? Well J is a Sister and has transformed an 1966 trailer into her home away from home for fly fishing trips. In fact we went junking today to find a vintage suitcase to use on her trips. There's an image of her painting her suitcase here.

BTW, Yakima has great thrift and antique stores, should anyone find themselves in the area!

Today's images are a mishmash of this mornings sunrise, shots from the gallery yesterday and J's trailer, Clara.


  1. I do know about Sisters on the Fly. They have the cutest trailers I have ever seen. In fact they were the inspiration for my painting our motor home and doing the whole Hawaiian motif. Don't know them personally, but saw them at a show at the fairgrounds. So cute!! Love, Toby

  2. How cool is that Toby! You could always pick yourself up a little trailer...