Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 31st Robin Bird Spring

Mile 602.1
Today I passed my previous longest hiking day by one mile - 19. It was a tough day, mostly because the climbing portion of the day was after noon and blasted hot. I'd say it was 85 or 90 in the sun, where I was toiling away. I was affected by the heat, with nausea and some dizziness but regardless of how I felt I had to keep on as the only water was here. So here I came! It's safe to say I'm tired.

We are now in the Paiute Mountains and for once I got to walk in a mature forest for part of the day. So much of the trail has been burned that the sight of so many trees was a relief. It was such a relief that I surprised myself...I didn't know how much I missed big trees. The photo is of that area.

I have had no cell reception since yesterday morning so there's no telling when this missive will get sent out. Hopefully you all can see the spot messages so you know all is well. And it is!

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