Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2nd Lake Isabella

Well, it's official. I'm 100% homesick and jonsing for home. It isn't just the heat, though this is effecting my mood. I just feel I am missing too much at home. And for what?

Angela just had one of the most important events in her life with the Tannery opening and I was was wandering around the desert, unable to call her to wish her well. Her Dad was in the hospital and I couldn't contact her to see how he was doing. I don't like this. On Monday I am looking at heading back into the desert for a few days before going back out again for the next three or four weeks where there is no cell service. I really don't know what to do but clearly I'm not comfortable with the original plan. We will see.


  1. Hellooooo! You are just about done with the desert! Good riddens! Beautiful as it can be, give it a big "See ya!" Once again you are at a problem solving crossroads. You have made some tough choices along the way already. I'm confident you'll do the same this time. And I know for sure that your support "team" (that would be all of us not hoofing it) are behind you. You're an amazing gal!

  2. Hi Shelly,
    I know the feeling very well about missing stuff going on at home... That's a big part of the reason I got off the trail at Wrightwood.
    You're doing amazing, tho -- hope you know that!
    Please keep in touch. I miss your smiling face! And let me know when you'll be at the northern terminus -- I'm planning some trail magic there.

  3. Hi Upside Down!

    I know how you feel, I myself had to come back to Santa Cruz for sometime to take care of some personal issues. I am planning on hitting the trail back at Tuolumne Meadows next week so hopefully I will see you on the trail! I hope all is well!

    Take Care,
    Matt (aka Trailwhore)