Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7th Back in the pine trees!

When I woke up this morning I was seriously doubting my plan to hike so many miles each day. All I wanted to do was roll over, snooze a bit more then get up and have a leisurely breakfast and cup of joe. What I did was get up, pack up, have some coffee and get to walking by 6:45.

After 2,000 foot climb in 4.5 miles I got to Mission Springs Trail Camp at 9:20 and had the enjoyment of breakfasting at a picinic table. How nice! The jury is out on the length of today's hike but it could be a 15 mile day or a 20 mile day, it all just depends on how the day goes.

Mile 249 Near Hwy 38 6:58pm

Today turned into a 14 mile day. At altitude it wasn't so hot so the miles were easier to manage and there was even time for a couple of leisurely breaks. I like the break part because it gives me time to take off my shoes and rest my feet. When I can do this I feel much better all around. It might be the arnica I am using twice a day that is helping as well as stretching my calves. So much to do in a day, heh, heh, heh.

I had the best dinner yet on this trip. Gnocchi with cheese, bacon, blue cheese dressing and olive oil. With an appetizer of miso soup and seaweed. Yum. It looks to be cold tonight so I have a candy bar next to my bag that I will eat later on if need be.

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