Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5/8 Big Bear Bound

I am sitting on a couch, yes a couch, somewhere near Onyx Summit with Happy Feet eating cookies and trying to stay out of the wind. Big Bear Hostel has put out this trail magic in the form of three ice chests full of soda's, food and water. Not to mention a couch, (did I mention a couch?) which I must say is very comfortable.

I reckon my 30 degree sleeping bag isn't quite warm enough. I was ok till about 2am but after that, burrrrr.

Big Bear Lake Mile 266

I am ensconced in a tiny room at the Big Bear Hostel with Mother Goose, our stinky packs and clothes. Tomorrow is wash and logistics day with a move to Motel 6 In the future. More room to spread out and plan for the next section. More later.


  1. Welcome to Big Bear! You are just moving right along! Say "Hi" to Mother Goose and Alphabet Soup for me.

  2. Hey Tiger! Already in Big Bear....you're moving right along. Putting in some big miles (I thought in the beginning of the trip you weren't going to push yourself). Take good care of your feet!

    1. Pink. I've been on this adventure since 4/15. Time to get on it but not be stupid about it! Not that I've ever done anything stupid...