Monday, April 2, 2012


It’s been said that hiking a long distance trail like the PCT is 10% physical and 90% mental. I do wonder if I have the psychological toughness to deal with the demands of a journey such as this. I am guessing that, having survived life to this age, I probably do have the mental toughness but one never knows how it will play out. My physical toughness is “probably” good enough but once again, I won’t know till I test myself out on the trail. Did I do enough? Will my 60-year-old parts hold together and (could it be?) even thrive under such a long, physically demanding event such as this one?

What with all the busyness of planning a trek like a hike of the PCT, the internal, emotional and philosophical aspects of the whole thing tend to take a back seat. Between making lists, shopping for food, preparing gear, meals, losing lists and rewriting the lists again, I occasionally get reminders of the reality beyond the details.

I am preparing to leave home, partner, friends, family, pets and anything that is familiar to me on a day-to-day basis. Comfortable routines, easy access to loved ones and other societal comforts is something that will change for me in… just 14 days now. I will be stepping into an adventure for which I have tried to prepare, but one never knows. Anything can happen.

This is, of course, both the fun and the fear of the whole thing. So I can only do the details, hope I get everything (important) done and then put my feet on the ground at mile 0 on April 15th  and point myself north. All the planning will have either been done or it won’t be done and by then, it won’t matter. All I gotta do is walk.


  1. Hi Shell Bell...
    thinking of you...loved your party...reading a book by Cheryl Strayed who walked the Pacific Coast Trail. Can't wait to hear all of your know I worry about that means that you have less worrying to do...Catherine

  2. Catherine, Thanks for that. I can always use some assistance in the worrying catagory. Appreciate the help!