Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newbie Anxiety

The silliest stuff keeps me awake these days. Should I send shampoo to myself along the way or leave the shampoo gods in charge of my cleanliness? If I weren't such a doily I might be willing to do that but, unfortunately I can't stand the smell of most shampoos. My friends have been kind to me and have given me containers of stuff received at motels along the way. I have been airing out a bunch of these, perfectly sized (1 oz) containers but after one week outside, they still stink.
Recently A and I went over the hill to San Jose and visited a teacher supply place, with lots of good stuff for teaching and other educational adventures. I found some bottles, perfect in that they are unused but not-so-perfect in that the volume is probably four ounces, four times what I need at each resupply spot. What to do? Carry extra liquids for a few weeks in order to accommodate my olfactory problems, biting the bullet to make each shower sublime?
I vote for sublime.... plus, bears won't smell anything perfumy sweet in my vicinity. Mostly just hiker stank.

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