Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm sort of torn...

When thinking about the plan for this blog I am torn between image heavy posting with light word content or image 'lite' with more wordy content. I don't really think of myself as a writer, though I can toss words together. I tend more towards a Zen idea of writing. Generally, I am of the "less is more" school (is this really a school?) thus I get suspicious of 'wordiness', especially when I am writing the words. Some people are remarkable skilled with words but I don't have the confidence to toss them about, willy nilly. I worry about such things. 

Having said all that, I guess I'll just jump in here. I am knee deep in preparations for my PCT hike. I did a 12 mile hike today, which was a bit taxing, but I managed it in 5 hours. With a #20 pound pack. Dodging poison oak and bike riders.... don't get me started on that last part. Grrrrrr. The sun was warm, the air filled with spring. I didn't see too many critters, other than winged ones, but there were lots of undergrowth rumblings. Fortunately no wild pigs to run from... they are kind of scary.

You know what is really scary? Trying to plan for a 5-6 month hike. Pigs? Pah! Nothing compared to trying to manage the 30+ resupply packages I have to deal with. Bring on the Mountain Lions and nutty Republicans... easier than what I have before me. Well, maybe not that, but you get the idea.  The whole thing is hard enough to make my brain twirl, and that ain't good.
poison oak, yikes

So, this pretty plant. Nice and oily. The bane of people who are susceptible to it's special properties. I try mightily to keep myself  away from this plant but no matter what, I seem to break out in blisters. I am, apparently, a delicate flower...

I have poodle dog bush (also bad) to look forward to in the burned out areas in the LA mountains.... Yikes! 

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