Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hiking buddy

I did a nice training hike yesterday with my hiking friend Lee. We met because he responded to a post on the PCT-L, the mega list serve for all things Pacific Crest Trail. I was selling a pack and he wanted to buy a pack so that is how we made contact. He lives in the same general area as I so we have managed to go on a few hikes together in Nicene Marks, one of the local state parks here in Santa Cruz County. We seem to hike at about the same pace and he has good snacks to boot!
Yesterdays hike was around 11 miles, which took about 5.5 hours, including lots of breaks. If I were at my projected pace right now I would be hiking 13 mile days, soon to go up to 15 miles on training hikes. It looks like I won't meet my projected training goals so I fear 11 miles will be my maximum. I hope this won't cause me trouble once on the trail... I won't be as fit as I had planned for but it will be as it is. My plan was to hold myself to 10 mile days for the first three weeks anyway - hopefully this will be enough!

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