Saturday, January 7, 2012

ear cover thingie

I don't know about you but first thing in the morning these days it is really cold... as in 38-40 degree cold. I know, I know, that isn't cold for lots of folks but for hiking, my ears get really cold. I resist wearing full coverage hats though, because I get too hot. SO, I've been thinking of how to construct an ear cover that will velcro closed over my ears, work with the visor, yet leaves my head free to expel the extra heat I am generating. I could have bought a simple headband kind of thing but what fun it that? What do you think?
With visor

Simple closure
I generally wear a visor, year round in cold, rainy, hot weather. So this design is perfect for my favorite one. The material is a wind blocker fleece, stiffer than most and dual colors, black on the inside. To hide the dirt?

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