Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I wish I could say the new packs were the 'bomb' but I am still having difficulty with pressure on my lower back. Quite a bummer, yes? Anyone got any ideas?


  1. well mine is heavier than most but I have a twisted spine and pelvic from a car accident so I use the Osprey Ariel. I have broad shoulders though so I switched the shoulder harness to a man's med, my pack is a small. You have to make sure it fits properly or u'll be miserable. It's that way with all the packs, so u know.

    hugs Sugar Moma

  2. Thanks Sugar Moma. I went back to the outfitters I got my packs from and they made some adjustments.... I'll head out tomorrow and see if it helped. Osprey makes good packs for sure! Are you going to the KO this year?