Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sewing Begins!

Ten years ago I bought a pair of shorts in Yosemite Village to hike the JMT in. The shorts I brought to hike in were proving to be very uncomfortable so I popped for an expensive pair of shorts. Unfortunately the only shorts I could find that had generous side pockets were mens shorts so they didn't really fit, being too long in the torso for my short waisted self. They were perfect in every other way so I've been using them yearly since then. That is until last year when I destroyed them trying to put an iron-on patch to the seat of the shorts. Note to self: nylon melts when set-upon by an iron.

Since that time I have been looking in vain for a pattern similar to those favorite shorts to no avail. Apparently the people who make patterns for women don't think women want big pockets so I was SOL. That's when I got the idea to deconstruct my faves and use the pieces as a pattern...

Notice the red patch?
I hope I can remember how to reassemble them once I've cut out the new material. Speaking of new material...

Here you see the on-sale material I picked up to make a practice pair of shorts... (if there is only one, why are they called a pair)? English is confusing.

Below you will see the expensive material I will use to make the final hiking pair of shorts. It is Supplex material which is light but strong. Unfortunately the material is a very light color so  I reckon they will stain quite nicely, thank you very much.

So there you have it. I hope to get the practice shorts started soon and if they are successful I'll get brave, cut up the material from the supplex and make the for real shorts.

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