Monday, June 4, 2018

Day 6 - Mid River RV Park

Does anyone remember what the Italians call this phenomenon? Where distance changes the color or tone of objects? This is the first thing I saw when I came up from the little hollow I slept in last night. It got me to thinking about art history and why I like the old Dutch painters better than the old Italian painters. Then I went on to what it is about my personality that prefers their spare, almost stark richness and the subject matter of regular people to the Italian style of busyness. I definitely lean towards a more zen sensibility. 

All this is to say I was walking along thinking my important thoughts about what is “good” and “bad” art, as well as paying attention to the ball bearing style rocks under my feet, when I realized I couldn’t see the trail. This area was very over grown, still in a burn area, with the trail being hidden from above and me having to push through to pass. I looked around, went forward and back, then took the most obvious way ahead. Wrong. I went down then completely lost any semblance of trail. I decided to use my Guthooks app to see where I was in real time and bush wacked back up to the trail. Phew. I turned left, the same direction had been heading, and began to climb. I kinda wondered why I was headed up but just kept going until I reached a saddle I had been at a while back. Damn, I had walked backwards 2/10 of a mile. I ended up taking 2 hours to gain 1.5 miles of progress. WTH?

Where’s the trail?

I turned around and retraced my steps till I got back to the spot I had gone wrong before. Then I got Halfmiles app out and fired up its real-time gps, wandering around until I found the correct path. I can see why I missed it because it was a hard left, completely hidden from view. Dang. I don’t usually use electronic apps, preferring to work off paper maps, but this morning I was happy to have them accessible. 

I’d like to say the day was all rosy and fun but it was mostly just steep down hill in the hot sun. However there were nice parts. Shaded soft paths. 

Wild lilac (I think). There was so much the smell was almost overpowering. 
But then there was this evil plant. 

There was so much just off the trail that in a couple of weeks anyone walking that path would not be able to avoid it. It’s early enough that I could, but only by paying close attention and dancing the side shuffle.  

I got down off the trail and had to road walk to get to Seiad Valley, only 8/10 of a mile, so not too bad. I arrived at JJ’s Cafe about 12:30, in time for copious amounts of ice tea and a burger with fries. 

There is nothing like real food after 6 days of trail chow. I think I eat pretty well on trail, but still.  

I’m settled in here, showered and clothes washed. Unfortunately, I have to eat trail food tonight for dinner but JJ’s opens at 7 am. Wonder where I’ll be then?


  1. I sure enjoy blog traveling with you. Loving your pics. Walk on my friend.

  2. Was breakfast as good as that lunch looked? Yummmm

    1. Yes! It was so big I only ate half and will have the rest for dinner. I’m back at the cafe now hoping for a salad.

  3. I don't even eat beef, but whenever you eat a burger on the trail I want one... Ginger read me this post at lunch today. She loves hearing about your adventures. My amazing hiker friend.

    1. I’m generally a turkey burger type but when in Rome.....