Friday, April 15, 2016

Doing the details

One of the things that is good about having backpacked a fair number of miles on the PCT is that I know how much consumable stuff I use on a daily basis. Because of this I know, for example, I want to have packed two wet wipes per day and two quarter squares of blue shop towels. You know, those thick paper towels you've seen around. I cut each big sheet into fours and this is what I use instead of toilet paper. Mostly because it's tougher and I don't have to carry as much at a time. I'm sure the wet wipes are self explanatory 😜. 
How I figure this out is to look at my Craig's PCT planner and based on the data I in putted, I know that in box 9 I'll need to have 4 days of these items in the box for the next section. As well as other stuff like shampoo and laundry soap. 
This may seem like a whole ton of work but a little time up front means I'm carrying the least amount of weight between resupply stops. Plus, it gets the trip out of the theoretical realm and into the "it's really gonna happen" place. 

Stay tuned. I'm almost done with dinners. 😃

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