Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bumping River - 12 miles today

The trail was relatively easy today with elevation changes in the low hundreds. We broke up the day into three sections of four miles each with a two hour lunch break at Snow Lake. We've hiked the first ten miles three times (we're getting pretty good at that part) but at least the last four today were all new to us. 
There's tons of lakes up here. Some are low and mucky while others are clear and clean looking. Even the mucky ones have pretty grasses growing and nice reflections. 

When we arrived at the Bumping River we looked for a campsite upstream and found a nice big site. Unfortunately when we were putting up the tents, what I noticed were the yellow jackets. Tons of them, but they weren't going after us to sting but they sure wanted something. Mostly from me. We hastily cooked dinner and I had to eat mine standing up and walking about. Once I got finished with food and clean-up I dove right into my tent. Right now they are buzzing around my tent, but they can't get me! It's gonna be a long eveningšŸ˜§

L painted a nice painting of Snow Lake at lunch today. 
And here is the one of the meadow next to our campsite. 
Tomorrow is a mostly up and some down day with views galore. We will get somewhere close to Chinook Pass and leave a short day to go out the day after. L has a long drive home back to Bellingham, through Seattle traffic if we don't time it right. Traffic! Blah!

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