Thursday, July 10, 2014

Back at it

These past two months have been particularly difficult. First because I was beat, tuckered out and felt like I'd been ridden hard and put up wet. Secondly because I've been concerned about my Mom who has been dealing with some medical issues and recently had a fall. I spent one week down south visiting with her and felt as though I wasn't sure I should get back on the trail with things being so uncertain on the family front. Today she got pretty good news at the doctors office so it seems like it will be OK for me to take off into the wilds again.

In that vein I am planning to get back on the trail at the OR/WA border starting about the fourth week of this month. I am hopelessly out of shape but I'm not tired any more so think I'll do OK. I have changed up my schedule and will be taking it VERY easy, averaging only 13 miles a day, which I should be able to manage just fine. I hope… Never-the-less that's the plan and the only downside I can think of is that it will require me to carry more food between stops. It can't be helped and will only add 2-4 pounds of extra weight when leaving a town/hotel/resort stop-over. This I can do.

Heading to Washington!


  1. So what's a few extra pounds and less mileage per day? Isn't that a part of what is meant by HYOH? I think so. You go gal! This angel is behind you all the way!

    1. Sure that's my plan. I can't do it any other way! HYOH and all that jazz. Thanks Stacey!