Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hat or Visor?

I am a confirmed visor wearer. Year round I can be seen with one of my many visors clamped onto my head, shading my eyes from sun or in other circumstances, keeping rain off my glasses. They are lightweight, can be colorful and usually stay on my head fairly easily. Two years ago in a big wind on the PCT in the Southern California deserts I did almost lose my favorite but I was saved by my hiking partner who picked it up before it flew off to Mexico.

The only downside of visors in my mind is that they don't cover my ears. Most of the time this is fine but in hot sun it can be a difficult problem. I've used my 104 (what Girl Scouts call bandanas's) as a drape to cover my ears and neck but this makes the top of my head hot. So a couple of days ago I was looking at a hat I bought years back and I realized I could cut off the top and have ear and neck coverage and still be able to vent the heat off the top of my noggin. The result is fantastic and I now have a new hat for this years trek. The only downside I can think of is that is weighs 2.1 ounces and my standard visor weighs 1.7 ounces. For the added usefulness I'm fine with that! Plus it has one of those dopey chin straps so it won't sail off to parts unknown in a big wind.

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