Sunday, October 27, 2013

Home again

Just to catch up with the previous post I'll say that my night in the snow was just peachy. It was cold but not so cold that my water bottles froze so I reckon it was in the mid 30's over night. My sleeping system was perfect and I was warm and cozy all night. When the sun arrived I was ready to pop out of the tent and head down the hill and off to the Red Kettle in Idylwild. Yum! Good as usual. If you all are ever in that town I recommend this place above all others for good, down home food.
BTW, I learned that tyvek is NOT water proof and that plastic would have been a better ground cloth choice for snow/slush conditions. I'll have to remember this.

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  1. Hey Shelly--thought of you last week when they had downtown Ashland closed for Reese Witherspoon pretending to be Cheryl Strayed in Wild. Loved the book, we'll see about the movie. Happy Trails, Karen and Lola