Monday, September 30, 2013

No room at the Inn.

Started driving at a bit after 7 this morning and with only a couple of stops I got to Capitol Reef National Park right about 4pm. Just in time to be told they had given the last campsite away five minutes prior to my arrival. Dang. My only consolation being I was able to get my senior pass at the visitor center, the lifetime pass! And for only ten bucks - Such a deal. 

The only options I had were to head back west, or drive east till I reached the park boundary and camp wherever I could find a nice place to park. My first spot was on a bluff with a 360 degree view. It was super windy and I was there for an hour before I gave up as that kind of wind is unnerving for me. 

Choice number two was out of the wind and tucked up into a side canyon off the road. It is much nicer and I'm the only one here. Beautiful sunset, salad for dinner and off to sleep. Tomorrow Durango!

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