Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6th Home

Phew! I'm home. The last two days were full of road miles with yesterday coming in at an eight hour day. Just like a job-yikes! My truck is filled to the gills with gear, treasures of every kind and five weeks of accumulated dirt and dust. I can't move back into my place for three more weeks so it looks like I'll be juggling everything for a bit more time. I must remain calm...

This will be my last post for a while. I will be doing a recap here in the near future, once my brain filters through these last few months and pops out something intelligent, or at least intelligible. I'll have a long list of people to thank when I come back and hopefully more photos. So don't hold your breath, that would be counterproductive, but do check back in here in a couple of weeks.

Until then... roadside blackberries.


  1. All I want to do is whine... Shelleeeee...!!!!

  2. Welcome home, Shelly! This trip -- the whole thing -- has been a blast. Thanks for taking us all along with you! Lots and lots of love to you and Angela. Lisa and Chris

  3. Yo Shelly, Blue Yonder here ~ Glad you made it out and back! Congratulations! I am taking a look at your blog and wonderful photos, and I saw myself! That last day I hiked was another awesome one - I finished at mile 1743. ** I am hoping you will read this note soon & get in touch with me about a package that has possibly slid itself into hiding in the back of your truck. That's the last place I saw it.