Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27th Lassen National Forest

I love road trips! Especially the kind where I don't have to be anywhere on a schedule. Just looking at the map and going however far I want to go without a care in the world.

In this spirit I got a late start this morning and then took the wrong hwy. Wrong in that it wasn't the most direct route but it did get me here so who cares? I stopped at the first NF campground I came to and found a spot to hang my hammock. It IS kinda close to the hwy but I really don't care. I'm here, my hammock is hung and I expect to sleep like a baby tonight. Hopefully not a colicky baby.

I stopped in Red Bluff this afternoon looking for a small, but not too small, ice chest for this adventure. Somehow I found a Walmart and not knowing where else to go, I walked in. The ice chest was found easily but the fun part was watching a knife demonstrator hawk his wares. I went for the promise of a free paring knife and got a pretty good show of top of the knife. It's a "forever sharp" - never heard of it.

I am so stoked to be sleeping outside tonight. And so, the next phase of my adventure begins.

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