Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Cats

I have been struggling mightily with the fact that I will be leaving my cats alone while I go off, traipsing about the countryside. They were to be cared for by one of my land mates but still, it isn't the same as having someone living here, with a lap and all.

Two things happened yesterday. First I went into a local pet store to buy a cat box scooper-outer. Cheap- two bucks. I am embarrassed to say that I left the store with the scooper, as well as a cat tree.

Now, I have been a cat owner for most of the last 30 years. During these decades I have declined to buy my cats one of these contraptions, mostly on the grounds of cost - they are expensive! But yesterday I was filled with... what? Remorse? Guilt? I don't know but by the time I checked out I found myself buying the biggest, ugliest cat tree I could find. The cats love it!

Additionally, I just found out I will have a cat sitter for the five or six months I will be gone. The relief I feel cannot  be overstated. This is a good situation for me, the cats and my new cat sitter. Everyone gets their needs met and I have less to worry about. There is such a thing as trail magic! Even before I hit the trail.
Chance, on top.

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