Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"The Herd"

It looks like my projected hiking schedule puts me right smack dab in the middle of the group of people hiking the PCT, aka "The Herd". Fortunately I will be leaving earlier than most so I won't be in the middle of the pack the whole time. This particular schedule will have me finishing the trail on 9/28, though hopefully I'll finish the day before, 9/27/12. I hope to cross the Canadian border on my 61st birthday. Wouldn't that be cool?

Below you see the schedule put together by a guy named Halfmile. He analyzes the data from each year then puts together schedules for 4 month, 4.5 month and 5 month hikes. I show the 5 month plan. Unfortunately I had difficulty with the formatting so not all the columns line up correctly but you get the idea.

Most Hikers- 5 month hike duration [151 days]

Campo                                         PCT                          Segment                    Total                           MPD     
                                                      Mile                           Days                           Days                           Avg
Campo                                         0
Agua Dulce                                454                             33                               33                               13.8
Kennedy Meadows                  703                             16                               49                               15.6
Sonora Pass                               1018                          25                               74                               12.6
Ashland                                      1720                          33                               107                             21.3         
Cascade Locks                          2155                          19                               126                             22.9
Manning Park                             2664                          25                               151                             20.4

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