Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amost ready...

OK, I leave for L.A. in two days. I am frantically making lists, checking things off the list and remembering more to put on the list. I have decided on my ULA P-1 pack for this trip as it will hold 6+ liters of water better than my home made pack. Unfortunately it weighs just shy of 2 pounds whereas my homemade one weighs in at 11 ounces. I just don't think the lighter one will handle the weight of water, food for 5 days and gear. At this point it looks like the weather down in that part of the world is hovering at mid-60's during the day with mid-30's at night. That would be f not c.

Well, here's the pack. I am guessing it will weigh in at about 13 pounds, without food and water. More than I'd like but still not too bad.

I haven't talked about this here but I've been struggling with low back pain and have had some physical therapy over the last couple of months to try and fix the problems I am having. I am trying to correct decades of posture problems and while I can't say I am 100% cured, I hope to be able to hike my miles without too much difficulty. This is of course, the biggest reason to keep my pack weight as low as possible and I have done my best and still be prepared for most scenarios.

In this photo you see a joke gift I picked up for myself over the Xmas holidays. Hand warmers made in the style of men's underwear. They are called, wait...
handerpants. I love them and will be wearing them on this trip as sun mitts. The desert is sunny, even when it isn't always hot, so these will protect the back of my hands from sunburn and will make me laugh all day long... simple pleasures.

I don't think they will be white when I return.

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