Wednesday, February 23, 2011

foot gear

Last year I stopped wearing shoes, in the most common sense. Crocs, Teva sandals, shoes of no particular form, have been my experiment. Yesterday I hiked in last years hiking shoes and damn, my left foot was cramped by the time I made 8 miles. (I think my feet have spread out a bit) Frankly this isn't going to work for me. So here are my current thoughts, in visual form.

Above you see a pair of home made sandals that use a vibram sole that seems to be pretty grippy. You see two different ways to attach them to my feet. I don't know which would be better.  The next idea is to use moccasins.
Unfortunately, the sole of this kind of foot wear is smooth and not very grippy. WHAT to do? When I was laying awake, at 2:30 am last night (or this morning) I imagined I could find a way to use a grippy sole and make a groovy kind of shoe for myself. What do you think? I need more brain than I currently own.


  1. I like all your ideas. How about having a vibram sole sewn on the moccasins at a shoe repair place.

  2. That is a great idea Aggie Pants. How is it we don't live closer so you could share your great ideas with me every day!! Every day I say! Not every other day, I say, but every day I say...ok, enough for today, I say. Smooch!

  3. That is so Dr. Suess of you. Glad you liked my idea.